We partner with other organisations to provide a full range of strategic advice services to support clients – whether it’s discrete tasks for a small organisation through to an integrated communications and stakeholder engagement plan for a large-scale infrastructure project.

Political Monitoring and Mapping

We provide a political monitoring and mapping service, which helps you know who you are dealing with and which policies to adhere to. Understanding the political landscape is crucial to the successful navigation of the consultation process.

Risk and Issues Management

We help to identify and manage potential risks before they can impact a project. Having worked on a number of high profile projects in difficult environments, we can effectively anticipate community, political and media reaction to projects.

Media Relations

We help you get the most out of local newspapers and radio stations by sending the right message, to the right person at the right time. We know the local media and have developed good relationships with editors and journalists. We can place adverts and advertorials, if required.

Facilitation and Mediation

We facilitate roundtable events, local government workshops, stakeholder meetings, community information and feedback sessions, focus groups, world cafes and workshops. We do this via partnering with a wide range of individuals who have high-level facilitation, negotiation and mediation skills.

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