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About us

We are a boutique consultancy specialising in bespoke consultation services including Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Advice, and Training and Mentoring.

Client focused

We design and deliver consultation and communication solutions. We offer one-off advice or provide an end-to-end service, working with you on every aspect of your consultation project. We provide exceptional value for money and will work hard to ensure that we stay within your budget, while still delivering the best possible service.

Truly unique

We are the first and only consultancy in Northern Ireland to specialise in Engagement, placing it at the heart of our corporate ethos. We work with clients operating in the planning, property, infrastructure, energy, transport, education, social performance, health and aged care sectors. 

Global experience

We have gleaned over ten years’ experience in the engagement sector, both locally and further afield. Our experience in designing and delivering clever but credible consultation programmes has enabled controversial projects to be successfully delivered.

Expert advice

We are certified engagement practitioners, obtaining qualifications from the two leading bodies in public participation – the Consultation Institute and International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). We believe that credible community engagement processes are critical to a projects success.

  • Community engagement is any process that involves the community in problem-solving or decision making and uses community input to make better decisions.

    The International Association for Public Participation
  • Consultation is the dynamic process of dialogue between individuals or groups, based upon a genuine exchange of views, and normally with the objective of influencing decisions, policies or programmes of action.

    The Consultation Institute
  • Stakeholder Engagement is the process used by an organisation to engage relevant stakeholders for a purpose to achieve accepted outcomes.

    AccountAbility 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard


We help you engage with people, groups and communities. It sounds simple, but without the right experience, skills, tools and support, it’s easy for things to go off course and getting it wrong can be painful and costly.

Our core area of business is Community and Stakeholder Engagement; but we understand that implementing a consultation programme often requires input from other disciplines such as Public Affairs and Public Relations, so we partner with other experts to provide these services. We are passionate about raising the profile of best practice consultation and like to help you develop your own in-house capacity for engagement, so we provide Training and Mentoring too.


We design and implement practical engagement programmes. Whether the objective is meeting statutory obligations for a planning application, engaging with informal groups of stakeholders, or undertaking service design and organisational change, we can help you through the consultation process to achieve the desired outcome.

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We provide a full range of Strategic Advice services via partnering with Public Affairs and Public Relations experts. Whether it is discrete tasks for a small organisation through to an integrated communications and stakeholder engagement plan for a large-scale infrastructure project, we will work with you to meet your needs.

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We train people up in a range of best practice consultation techniques then provide mentoring support as they sharpen their skills carrying out engagement within their own business/communities. If you are a developer, business, community planner, local council or public sector organisation that needs to improve your engagement skills then get in touch.

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  • The need to consult with stakeholders has never been greater. As part of the reformed planning process in Northern Ireland, pre-application community consultation will be required for all major planning applications.

    Department of Environment, NI
  • Community planning is a relatively new concept for Northern Ireland introduced through the Review of Public Administration. Effective engagement with communities is crucial to community planning.

    Department of Environment, NI
  • Community Planning is the opportunity for communities and individuals to have a say in the way they are governed, in the decisions that affect their lives and the way public money is spent.

    Sustainable Northern Ireland Project

Our Approach


We help you engage with your stakeholders so that you can gather information and gain a better understanding of what they think about a particular issue. We help you analyse and evaluate the outcomes of that engagement, turning data into information and information into knowledge. We help you use that knowledge to execute informed, credible decisions.

We always aim to abide by the following values.

We begin with the end in mind. We will have an in-depth conversation with you at the start of each project so that we understand your preferred outcome, the process you are looking for, who should be involved and the wider landscape within which your project operates.
We have created an extensive partnership network which allows us to build the best team for a project, whatever the business location or nature of the work. We can work with your own in house team; other consultants or we can provide an entire suite of ‘engagement’ services.
We respect our clients and seek to exceed their expectations. We respect the community within which we operate. We also respect our engagement partners and co-workers.

We love what we do and are passionate engagement enthusiasts. We are certified engagement practitioners, obtaining qualifications from the two leading bodies in public participation; the Consultation Institue (tCI) and International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

We strive to put best practice consultation principles (such as Timeliness and Accessibility)  into practice as we believe it increases the public’s trust in the process and contributes to productive and positive outcomes.

We believe in providing excellent value for money and will work hard to ensure that we stay within your budget while still providing the best possible advice. All teams are comprised of only senior, experienced and expert consultants. When we commit to a task or a deadline, we deliver.


Our team

We have built Ethos Engagement around a small core team but we also draw on a diverse range of like-minded partners who are skilled at different aspects of stakeholder engagement – from event managers and social researchers to digital engagement specialists.   All of our projects are overseen by one of our Directors, but this approach allows us to bring together the most appropriate team for a specific project whatever the business location or nature of the work.
We are always looking for talented and experienced individuals to join the Ethos team. If you are interested in joining us as freelancer or partner and have experience in Public Relations, Public Affairs, Digital Engagement, Creative Design, Organisational Change and Development, Facilitation, Information Management, Software Development, and Social Research then we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

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